The Depth of Echoes is a podcast and blog dedicated to creating community around mental illness and promoting good mental health. Content is sometimes graphic in nature, due to the intensity of mental illness, it will not however, be gratuitous. Reader and listener discretion advised.

Join us as we let you in to the very personal details of life with mental illness, inside marriages, mental hospitals, and prisons. We truly think that every story is important so while the blog is more of *our* personal side, the podcasts focuses on giving as many voices a platform to share their hearts, stories, and pain with each other and building a community where you know you belong.


Richie is mega crazy, Rayah is just a little bit and the world isn't the most welcoming or safe for those of us dealing with mental illnesses. The media can be cruel and vicious, public education is atrocious, and yet 1 in 5 Americans have a mental illness and a staggering 90% of suicides are committed by the mentally ill. The stats back it up - mental illness is an epidemic. How do we turn the tide? We have to make people CARE about the people behind the facts and statistics. Those of us who are able to tell our stories need platforms, those of us who can't yet share need a way to hear about our stories, and we ALL need more education about all the different mental illnesses and how we treat them. This podcast and blog is dedicated to the world. We believe that a combination of getting sick people the treatment they need AND helping the healthy to stay that way is a key to big change in the world we see today. That applies to the physical body already, let's show everyone why they need to care about mental health as well.

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The Dickerson Clan plus the whole community behind us.

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Schizoaffective (Paranoid Schizophrenia + Bipolar 2), PTSD, OCD, conquering the world through self care and professional care.


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Depressed, anxious, trying to make the world a more welcoming place.

Zane and Jonah
Zane and Jonah


Brothers, shenanigans, creative farting (trained in the classical style by their expert father).

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